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We are firm believers that a well-kept outdoor space is your canvas for beauty, relaxation, and making memories. We're here to transform this vision into reality and make it accessible to every homeowner in Kenya by providing the best equipment to take care of your outdoors.

Unleash the Power of Green:

Imagine lush lawns and perfectly manicured gardens that become an extension of your home. Envision outdoor spaces that invite you to relax, play, and entertain, thanks to the magic of a pristine yard. With our range of premium lawn mowers, brush cutters, and leaf blowers, you're just one step away from achieving that dream.

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We understand that quality shouldn't come with an extravagant price tag. That's why we've carefully curated a selection of top-notch lawn care and garden maintenance equipment. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a first-time homeowner, our products cater to every need and budget.

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When you choose us, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a seamless outdoor experience. Our knowledge and passion for lawn and garden care drive us to provide more than just equipment. We offer guidance, tips, and valuable insights through our informative articles and buying guides.

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As a locally-rooted business, we're proud to be Kenya's partner in achieving outdoor excellence. We understand the unique demands of Kenyan landscapes and take pride in offering tailored solutions for your needs. Our selection of high-quality tools is carefully crafted to tackle the challenges you face and make your outdoor space a source of pride and joy.

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Brush Cutter Prices

Surtec 2 in 1 4 Stroke, String Trimmer + 3 Point Blade Ksh 20,000
Hawking Backpack 8 in 1 {New Model} 4 Stroke, String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade Ksh 30,000
Rhino 8 in 1 4 Stroke, String trimmer 2T, 3T, 4T, 6T, 8T, 40T, 80T blades Ksh 25,000
Honda GX35 2 in 1 4 Stroke, 1.5hp. String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade Ksh 50,000
Honda GX50 2 in 1 4 Stroke, 2hp. String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade Ksh 56,000
Honda GX35 5 in 1 {Multi-Purpose} 4 Stroke, 2hp. String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade, Hedge Trimmer, pole prunner, extension shaft. Ksh 58,000

Lawn Mower Prices

Honda HL18P GCV 145, 4.2hp, Hand Push, 18 inch deck Ksh 64,000
Honda HL182 GCV 145, 4.2hp, Self propelled , 18 inch deck Ksh 68,000
Honda HL203 GCV 170, 4.9hp, Self propelled , 20 inch deck Ksh 78,000
Honda HL224 GCV 200, 5.5hp, Self propelled , 22 inch deck Ksh 85,000
Briggs & Stratton WYS 16 3.5hp, 135CC, Hand Push, 16 inch deck Ksh 55,000
Briggs & Stratton WYS 18 4hp, 140CC, Hand Push, 18 inch deck Ksh 60,000
Briggs & Stratton WYS 21 6hp, 163CC, Self propelled , 21 inch deck Ksh 78,000

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Grass Cutter Price in Kenya

A well-manicured lawn is a sight to behold. It enhances the aesthetics of your home and provides a welcoming outdoor space for various activities. Achieving that lush, neatly trimmed grass, however, requires the right tools and equipment. When it comes to grass cutting, two types of machines stand out: lawn mowers and brush cutters. In this article, we'll explore the world of grass cutters, focusing on these two indispensable tools and how they help you maintain a beautiful lawn. Let's unveil to you the best tools to get the pristine lawns you so much desire.

Lawn Mowers: The Classic Grass Cutter

Lawn mowers have been the go-to grass cutting tool for decades, and for good reason. These machines are designed for efficiently trimming and maintaining the grass on your lawn. They come in various types, including push mowers, self-propelled mowers, and riding mowers.

-Push mowers are so called because they have to be pushed for them to move and cut the grass. Therefore they can be a bit tiring especially for commercial use.

-Self propelled lawn mowers on the other hand do not need to be pushed manually the operator just walks behind the mower to direct it. The wheels are powered and they come with levers for speed control. These are ideal for commercial use.

-Riding mowers as the name suggests are operated by riding on them like a golf cart. They are ideally used to work on large areas like golf courses and fields.

The primary function of a lawn mower is to cut the grass to a uniform height, resulting in a well-kept, manicured appearance.

Lawn mowers are ideal for large, even lawns. They offer speed and precision, making them perfect for residential and commercial applications. They work by using a rotary blade to cut the grass evenly. Some models even have features like mulching and bagging, allowing you to customize how you deal with the clippings.

Brush Cutters: The Versatile Grass Cutter

Brush cutters, on the other hand, are the versatile workhorses of the grass cutting world. While they're commonly associated with heavier brush and overgrown areas, they are equally effective at cutting grass. The main difference is in their design. Brush cutters have a more robust, blade-like cutting mechanism that can tackle thicker vegetation with ease.

What makes brush cutters stand out is their adaptability. They can handle different types of terrain, from open lawns to dense undergrowth. This adaptability makes them a valuable tool for both homeowners and professionals who need to maintain a variety of landscapes.

The Grass Cutter's Dilemma: Lawn Mower or Brush Cutter?
Now, you might be wondering which of these grass cutters is the most suitable for your needs. The answer depends on your specific situation. Let's explore the strengths of each to help you decide.

Lawn Mowers:

-Best for even, manicured lawns.
-Ideal for residential lawns, parks, and golf courses.
-Offer a clean and polished finish.
-Suitable for regular maintenance and trimming

Brush Cutters:

-Perfect for challenging terrains and overgrown areas.
-Ideal for tackling thick grass, weeds, and underbrush.
-They can be used for trimming hedges and fences.
-Versatile and adaptable, making them suitable for various landscapes.
-Preferred by professionals for land clearing and heavy-duty grass cutting.

So which of the two grass cutting machine is best for your needs? Well, incorporating both lawn mowers and brush cutters in your arsenal can provide you with a comprehensive grass cutting solution. Lawn mowers maintain the pristine look of your lawn, while brush cutters handle tougher challenges when the grass gets unruly.

Other factors to consider when choosing a grass cutter

When considering grass cutters, it's important to factor in the cost and availability of equipment.

Cost - Just like any other type of equipment, grass cutters vary in cost. The grass cutter price In Kenya varies between different models, and also depends on the capabilities of the machine. It's essential, therefore, to research and compare options to get the best value for your money. You can xplore various options for grass cutting machines in the market, keeping your specific needs in mind.

Keep in mind that a higher price is not always synonymous to a better machine. There are some high quality but affordable machines available in the market. Take time to compare features of the machines you are interested in.

Your needs - Do you need a powerful brush cutter to tackle undergrowth and overgrown weeds? Are you looking for a ride-on mower for your business or a simple push mower for residential use? Your needs will determine the kind of machine you need and what features it should have.

Availability - In your research for grass cutters online, you will come across many brands and models of machines that choosing the perfect machine for you can be overwhelming. However, when you settle on a machine, ensure that it is available. Machines that are readily available will be affordable and they will be easy to repair because spare parts will be available in plenty. Since they are common, they will also have experienced technicians able to do the repairs for you quickly and cheaply.

In conclusion, "grass cutters" encompass a wide range of tools and equipment designed to help you maintain a beautiful lawn. While lawn mowers provide that classic, polished look, brush cutters are the versatile choice for handling a variety of grassy terrains and challenges. The choice between them ultimately depends on the nature of your landscaping needs.

Whether you're a homeowner looking for that perfect lawn or a professional maintaining diverse landscapes, understanding the strengths of lawn mowers and brush cutters will enable you to make an informed decision, resulting in the pristine grassy haven you desire.